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Wedding Trends for 2019

Every year we speculate about the upcoming wedding trends. What am I looking forward to this year? Take a little look...

Coral tones

With Pantone announcing 'Living Coral' as its colour of the year, there is no doubt it will be featured in many upcoming weddings. Coral is the perfect colour for a spring/summer wedding. Either mixed with white or lots of greenery.


Its only February, but it looks as though the rustic trend is here to stay! The majority of my couples are looking for clean designs with added greenery or rustic touches, which is absolutely perfect for a beautiful spring wedding. The greenery trend is also creeping into wedding venue styling, with lots of Pampas Grass and sprigs of rosemary.

Functional Favours

We've all been to a wedding and returned with a small bag of sugared almonds right? (Does anyone even like them?) Many couples are now turning towards giving favours that people actually want or use. Think fridge magnets, key chains and wine stoppers. Etsy had 11,000 search for

wine favours in January 2019 alone! Now that's a wedding I want to go to!

Alternative Engagement rings

You all know how much I love an alternative ring, and it appears others do too! Coloured gems are being requested

more and more frequently

Another trend I'm hoping will continue this year is Eco friendly Decor

With the highlight of Prince Harry & Meghans wedding being the eco conscious factor, it's no wonder couples are now thinking more about it. Biodegradable straws, petal confetti and vintage/up-cycled decorations, what's not to love?

What are you hoping to see?

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