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2019 Highlights

Wow, another year finished! I'm sure the years go faster now I'm older.

One of my favourite things at the end of the year, is to look back at the highlights, and I love how easy it is with instagrams top 9.

This year has been such an exciting one for me and my little business.

Here's some highlights:

- I spent a lot of time working on hand lettering and sketching. It's been so nice to get back to doing bits by hand.

- I moved to Cardiff, and attended my first big wedding fair, which resulted in lots of new followers.

- I did my first bilingual wedding set. As a Welsh person, I love being able to offer this service, I just need to improve my grammar!

- I got asked to feature in the South West Wales Wedding magazine, talking about matching your invites with your wedding bouquet.

- I worked up the courage to go to Warrior Women events in Cardiff. Having the chance to listen to successful business women and their experiences is so inspiring!

- I designed a logo for my favourite nail shop.

Lets hope 2020 is just as successful! <3

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