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Well hello there!

My name is Abi and I am the sole owner, designer, marketer and coffee maker behind Abi Lewis design. You can usually find me shouting "look a doggo" in the streets of Cardiff, being pulled away from plant shops by pals, or in my little home studio in Cardiff Bay.

So, how did this all start? I've been manipulating text and images on the Adobe Suite since I was 11 years old. After a few educational turns, and finishing University, I was lucky enough to get a Graphic design position in my home County of Pembrokeshire, but as much as I loved my day job, I found I wasn’t quite getting enough creative input in projects, so I would go home and design things for myself.


When friends started suggesting I actually do something with my designs, I decided to do some research, 600 cups of coffee later and I found I was drawn to the wedding industry ... And as they say, the rest is history!

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Abi Lewis Design
Gareth & Catrin Owens

"Abi is amazing; nothing is too much trouble. She always replies promptly and her invites are fantastic! I would highly recommend" 

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